Astrological tips to get success in business

Are you having doubts on astrology than visit Jaipur once, the capital of Rajasthan is thoroughly planned and designed according to the guidance of Vastu Shastra? Even Chandigarh, the famous architect applied Vastu Shastra with modern architecture while developing Chandigarh. There are many more examples in Indian architecture that are specially designed according to astrology. Most of the businessman contact Vastu consultant in Delhi and other metro cities for their office and home mathematics and how it is going to affect their business?

Vastu Shastra is a science which deals with the architecture and constructional works, as it tells the condition and air within the four walls. One of the parts of Vastu Vidya and combine with Atharvaveda (economics), that generate the guidelines for designs, architecture, and construction. The same goes for business buildings as well.

Let us talk about some facts and explicit instruction by Vastu experts for the successful business:
1.      If you are going to purchase any land or a piece of plot for your office, factory or anything for business purpose, then only look for shermukhi plot. The land should have border from the front and narrow at the end. Try to get the land closer to the highly operated road.
2.  The office building should face toward north, north-west or north-east direction as these directions bring good luck and definite air in the office.
3.    The main door of or the entrance of the office should face north or east directions, do not place any obstacle that comes while closing or opening of the door.
4.   Welcome house or the reception area should be located in the east direction, or it could be in the north-east corner of the office.
5.    Try to keep the center of the office blank.
6.   Office owner room should exist in the south-west direction so that the face should be towards the north. Never put temple or idols behind the owner’s seat. Try to make rectangular desks.
7.    Office staff should work facing towards east or north directions.
8.   Accountant department of the office should be in the north or east zone, employees who deal with bank and cash transactions must have towards east and north directions. Never try to build any toilet in the same area as it will bad for finances.
9.   A business that deals with payments and new orders could grow much better with the help of Vastu Shastra.
10. Avoid making pantry in the north zone or paint this area with pink and red color. Avoid picking blue color and green plants in the south-east region.
These are just a few from the list of thousands if you are dangerous for your business and want to generate more revenue then talk to the Vastu consultant as soon as possible.

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