What is corporate litigation and difference in corporate and litigation lawyers

“Corporate litigation” could be two different words but summarily corporate litigation deals in legal proceedings which manages corporate disputes. Corporate litigation lawyer help a company to get away from long ligations while managing disputes.
Some corporate skilled litigators are fully equipped to handle all the legal issues a company may face, some of them would be:
         Ensuring the issue of wages per hour and anti-discrimination laws.
         Defending companies against wrongful termination policies.
         Manage all corporate taxes.
         Settlement of labour disputes in the company.
        Corporate real estate issues include extensive and hectic working, essentially making a lawyer an asset for the company.
Corporate Lawyers in comparison with litigation lawyers. There is a huge difference between the two types of lawyers and the said difference has been enumerated below:
1.        Salary: corporate lawyer charge huge amounts and it is considered to be one of the best-paid jobs while on the contrary, litigation lawyers would not charge the same having the same experience.
2.        Reputation: corporate lawyer has comparatively more chances of building a good reputation as compared to litigation lawyers as the later are not usually connected to multi-national corporate entities.
3.        Perks: corporate lawyers usually work with recognized firm availing the same type of benefits like other employee does, it depends on the company to company and the perks would include a car, house, phone, etc.
4.        Working hours: corporate lawyer tends to work on very specified time frames, whereas a litigation lawyer does not have any specified time frame of working.
5.        Demand: anyone who possess skill will be demanded, a corporate lawyer might attract work from international market. A litigation lawyer can also attract work from international market but there are certain restrictions attached to it.
6.        Specialization: the corporate lawyer is demanded for corporate practice, whereas a litigation lawyer is demanded for courtroom practice. Talented lawyers with good legal knowledge will always be on the company’s wish list as their attorney.
Terminations: the jobs corporate lawyers can be terminated at the will of the company, but litigation lawyers have their independent working therefore there is no such insecurity. 


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